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Gossett Porsche Ratings and Reviews

Below you will find customer reviews.   Click here to tell us what you think.

CHARLES B. FROST, SR. | MO | 2016-11-22

I had my starter replace in my 2009 Cayenne in March 2016. The Service rep met me at the door. He talked to me about what they were going to do and gave me a loaner to drive while they made the repair. To my surprise, it was a Diesel Cayenne and it was awesome. They called me when my GTS was ready and I was out of there with no regrets. It’s a long drive (2hrs. +)for me to get there, but they made me comfortable and I felt appreciated.

Nancy Parker | Tennessee | 2016-05-22

I called Andy when my service light came on while visiting Memphis. He said I could come right in and have my oil changed quickly. My previous car dealerships would have required an appointment and I would have had to make another trip into Memphis. I appreciate Gossett's quick service and Andy's consideration of my time! Thank you!!!!

Robbye Ridout | TN | 2016-03-21

Andy Durr does a fantastic job. I had trouble with DingWizard and spoke to Andy about it. He resolved the problem and got the service done in the time expected. I live two hours from the dealership and he is so kind to always try to get everything done for me in one trip.

Paulo L. Teixeira | TN | 2016-03-21

Both my wife and I currently drive Porches (Cayenne and Panamera respectively) and have a 1970 914-6 on the side. Andy Durr is by far the best service manager either of us have ever dealt with. Thanks for having him so he can continue to keep us happy !

Trena Tucker | TN | 2016-03-21

Great service.

Leslie Lee | TN | 2016-03-21

Andy was a pleasure to work with and will certainly return to Memphis for future service calls.

John Williams | TN | 2016-03-21

Andy Durr is the best service manager i have every worked with. I spent the last 60,000+ miles with him and I have absolutely no complaints. He is always professional. He works very hard to keep me and my Porsche happy. Thanks Andy.

Harry Goldsmith | TN | 2016-03-21

I have had three Porsches ..... all bought from Gossett and tell everyone that it is the absolutely best service. Question: do you detail Porsches? If not .... do you have anyone to recommend? Harry

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